Brands Communication

Crisis & Risk Communications

Unfortunately, things can go wrong. Fortunately, DBC can help you get out of this situation. However, this is a long process that starts before the crisis hits. Welcome to the new era of doing business. Today, an Organization has to communicate and build trust across the different stakeholders and through a fragmented media landscape.

DBC steps in before the crisis hits. We will assess the vulnerabilities of the organization and will prepare a robust communications plan. We work together with our clients’ people to devise and implement the plan. Our contribution isn’t limited there; we will train the executives and upgrade their capabilities to be able to mitigate the threats as they arise and save the corporate reputation and brand. DBC’s socially responsible approach will support the client reduce the negative impact of any adverse event.

The DBC Crisis and Risk Communications approach helps clients anticipate, prepare for and manage issues and negative events affecting their reputation. The DBC team will support the development of a culture of preparedness to effectively manage any situation. And when bad news strikes, the client responds in a timely, appropriate and confident manner to achieve the best possible outcome.

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