Brands Communication

Digital & Social Media

The boundaries between traditional media, bloggers and online influencers have become blurred. To this extent, organizations have to abide by the new rules and expose themselves to the new, digital media. DBC helps clients select the best digital channel to extend their ideas and viewpoints and become a persuasive trusted source.

Not all channels are the same, nor do they have the same objectives. How does a company select to follow Linked-in instead of twitter, facebook, RenRen, blogs, Instagram or any other up-and-coming facility? At DBC we will help you select the channel and we will collaborate to devise a tactical and operational plan to fully exploit the strengths of the digital media and go beyond just accumulating Likes, Followers or positive sentiment to improving consumer and stakeholder experience. DBC executives can help the client and indicatively support in a multitude of aspects:

  • Website Design Advice & Planning
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Development
  • Banner Ads
  • CMS (Customer Management Systems)
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