Brands Communication

Executive Positioning

DBC helps C-Level Executives position themselves and improve corporate brand and reputation.

As our society and businesses move from shareholder to stakeholder based, business executives have to successfully meet the expectations of an ever-widening range of audiences. DBC’s successful ExecPOS Approach™ will step in and help CEOs and leaders either from a corporation, an NGO or an academic institution in a number of ways:

  • DBC identifies the dynamics of the business and societal environment and sets the competitive landscape.
  • Train – Coach – Counsel: we leverage our experience and deep knowledge of conferences, elite media and influencer engagement best practices to prep executives for appearances, interviews and stakeholder meetings. We also provide customized, individualized media and presentation training, along with leadership coaching.
  • Create credible and engaging core content that is differentiating, authentic and interwoven with an organization’s expertise, brand identity and external communications activities.
  • Securing speaking, elite media, digital and direct-to-influencer opportunities that allow executives to advance core content with critical stakeholders.
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