Brands Communication

Science & Research Communications

Scientific and Research outputs have to be properly communicated to the relevant audience. DBC has strong capabilities and we have helped research organizations and companies successfully communicate the results of their research. DBC’s effective approach is adjusted to perfectly fit our clients’ business models, philosophies, market drivers and portfolios. We work together to uncover the meaningful science story, from advances in energy and energy consumption to new forms of mobility to advances in freight distribution and freight management.

In DBC we develop strong messages to engage customers, investors, collaborators and stakeholders. Our contribution includes:

  • Creation of the Science Results Narrative: let us help you design the visual and verbal identity that best complements your story.
  • Experts’ Engagement: our solid communications planning will improve your brand’s (product, research results, novel ideas) perceptions and engage key players.
  • Media Channel Optimization: DBC will help you select the right medium for the right story and for the right audience.
  • Market Access: DBC can liaise with dominant market players to facilitate market access for your scientific products.
  • Train-Coach-Counsel: we leverage our experience and deep knowledge of conferences, elite media and influencer engagement best practices to prep executives for appearances, interviews and stakeholder meetings. We also provide customized, individualized media and presentation training, along with leadership coaching.

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