Brands Communication

Seminars – Events – Conferences – Workshops

No matter the size of the event (micro, small, medium, large) or the objectives (press event, press conference, a meeting with influencers or a company’s corporate event), DBC involves a significant amount of activities that ensure its success. The success lies in engaging the attention of the participants. Their intention to participate in this experience is what truly adds value. The DBC event management approach includes:

  • Identifying the intricacies of the brand
  • Analyzing the target audience
  • Devising an event concept
  • Planning the logistics and coordinating the technical aspects
  • Executing the modalities of the proposed event
  • Branding the physical experience
  • Setting up the infrastructure (kiosks, special constructions, Audio Visual equipment)
  • Engage additional promotions and happenings
  • Build awareness
  • Cover it using different channels
  • Moderate discussions

Planning, managing, organizing, administering and fulfilling an event, let it be a small informal gathering, or a thematic conference of an Agency or an industry high caliber event, requires special expertise and a multi-tasking organizational team. Dynamic Brands & Communication undertakes all event management related activities that meet the highest expectations, including:

  • Event Planning: from creating and proposing the key concepts around a central idea for a conference/workshop to successfully planning each task of the event, always in line with the needs, expectations and special requirements of each industry / sector.
  • Event Strategy Development: DBC helps and support by identifying potential showrooms / conference halls, managing suppliers relations, managing facilities including Audio-Visual and translation services, catering, gala organizers, panel coordinators/moderators, proposing key-note speakers, organizing the discussion modules, sending mass-mail to the delegates/participants, undertake communications with speakers & participation management.
  • 360o Support of the Event and beyond: Accommodation management for foreign speakers / delegates, transportation, hospitality, leisure program & Secretarial Support during the event – registration, database control, records & minutes, conference proceedings.
  • Guest List Management & Promotion: Communicating the Event using different channels and media including a large, sector specific database of contact details.
  • Editing & Production of Promotional Material: we support the process and we can contribute in developing the relevant material, including Invitations, Speakers’ Programs, Posters, Envelopes, Flyers, Banners, Postcards, Announcements, Registration Cards, Certificates of Attendance, Promotional gifts.
  • Event Media Campaigns: we help in detailing the planning of the media campaign using both traditional & social media. We also support the budgeting procedures and steer through the planning of Advertisements, Advertorials in Newspapers / Magazines / ePortals / Radio-TV-web-webTV, as well as social media.
  • Printing information & promotional material for the event (Press Releases, Posters, Conference Material).
  • Co-ordination & moderation of the events
  • Pre-event meetings of the participants, including networking events, pre meetings with the Organizers and the Speakers, b2b meetings or bilateral foreign delegates meetings.
  • Summary Press Releases following the Event.
  • Focalized follow up press releases per user group: Media, participants, attendants and industry players.

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