Brands Communication

DBC’s Process driven PR

There are a lot of things that get the companies’ executives carried away. Fancy ideas, “big pictures” or even everyday problems get in front and reduce the corporate visibility. Our intervention includes removing those “obstacles” in order to enable our clients identify those issues and those methods that are best fit to promoting their brands. Neither fancy plans nor shotgun approaches – “do everything”. The DBC approach is based on a solid process we have developed which is implemented to all our clients.

A SMART approach (Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Relevant and Timely) will identify all those specific elements that will differentiate your communications plan and make it successful. This is a critical process in our engagement and we see that SMART corporate communicators are starting to understand the value of a simple, linear and consistent process.

DBC executives always and consistently follow this process and thus are able to strengthen very good ideas and transform them to BIG IDEAS!